Fashion Battle: Pick Your Favorite!

I’m a Pinterest addict.  I’ll admit it.  I just love finding cute outfits on Pinterest, and building a virtual closet that will never really happen.  For real, though :). So here are some of my favorite dress and jacket/vest combos I found on Pinterest.  Which do YOU like best?


Ladder Braid

In this tutorial, I will be styling a braid that is called a ladder braid, which appears to be half of a mermaid braid based on the way it is styled.  This style works well in a ponytail.


What you’ll need

  • Clear elastic band
  • Long hair in a ponytail (It’s easier to have your hair in a side ponytail for this style.)

To start this braid, separate a little bit of your hair into three equal strands.  Next, cross over the strands a couple times (just a regular braid).  Once secured, add a tiny piece of hair from the opposite side of the ponytail to one strand of your braid.  This part of just like a french braid.  Now, cross over the other side without adding a piece of hair from that side.  This part is similar to a lace braid, because one side adds in hair whereas the other does not.  Keep repeating this process, adding a tiny bit to one strand, not adding the next time, adding, and not adding.  You will start to see little strands leading into your braid.  All done!

If you need a visual, watch this video.

Just for the sake of comparison, here is what a mermaid braid looks like.   Doesn’t this one look similar to one half of this braid?

IMG_20130228_131013Happy Styling!

The Five Strand Braid


Ever get tired of regular braids? You could always shake up your style by wearing a five strand braid.  These braids seem a bit tricky at first, but they are easy to style with a little practice.  Once you get how to style them, you realize they are a lot like a three strand, but just with one extra step each time you move a strand of hair.  The video below shows how to create these braids, and explains them really well.

The picture on the left is how mine turned out.  Mine didn’t really turn out as well as the video, but oh well.

Happy styling! 🙂

Source: LuxyHair

Favorite Bracelet?

With summer right around the corner, shell bracelets and braided cord bracelets are back in season.  Here are some of my favorite summer bracelets.  Which is your favorite?

Sources: Etsy,, tumblr

Blogs, Blogs, Blogs…

Looking for more DIY projects, style ideas, and fashion tips?  Here are some of my favorite style and DIY blogs, with plenty of amazing ideas.

A Beautiful Mess


Here is a fun tutorial on adding heart embellishments to jeans, from A Beautiful Mess.



This tutorial from I Spy DIY shows you how to embellish a shirt with polka-dots.

Stripes and Sequins

first-imageThis tutorial shows how to embellish a collar with pearl studs from Stripes and Sequins.

Sources: I Spy DIY, A Beautiful Mess, Stripes and Sequins

Fabric Rose

In this tutorial I will be making a fabric rose.  They are easy to make and require no sewing.

What you’ll need

  • Fabric strips (the longer they are, the bigger the rose)
  • Hot glue
  • Beads and other embellishments (optional)

To begin, cut two long strips of fabric.  It doesn’t matter if the strips are frayed, uneven, or a complete mess.  However, if you want to sew the edges of them you can, but I like the messy look.  Next, tie the two pieces together at the end.  Dab the knot in a little hot glue to ensure it won’t come undone.  Now, twist the strips together and roll them around the base of the knot.  Add a little hot glue every once in a while, at least every half to a fourth of a circle of the spiral.  When you get close to the end, tuck the ends under the rose and glue them there so they aren’t visible.  You can glue them to clips and bobby pins now, or cut a circle of fabric the size of the rose and glue it under the rose to cover the bottom and make it look more finished.  You can glue beads and such to them to enhance their look.  These can be used for accessories, jewelry, home decor, gift packaging and clothing embellishments.

If you like, you can make the rose have a more intricate, less spiral look by switching the direction you twist the fabric strips occasionally or in a specific pattern.  This may make the rose more realistic and less circular.

Side Braids

Side swept braids are wonderful. They take less than five minutes to style, and they look nice, like you actually did your hair.  Making one these braids is pretty self-explanatory, as it is just a regular three strand braid, yet there are many options to accessorize a side braid.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Here is one variation of this, embellished with flowers.  I styled this one.


This one has a string of beads within the braid.  I think this one is fun.  The one pictured is actually a four-strand braid, but you could definitely convert this to three strand.


Adding a hair bow, such as in the braid below, instantly adds cuteness to your style.

The crown of flowers in this style really completes the look of this braid.

8c2fdce5b1500c95609d8f64cd7fa10eSources: media cache, Bookends and Daisies, Elle and Blair